Hey Hardworking School Psychologists

Design The Perfect Path For You And Start Doing What You Love 


Can you imagine...

  • Not being confined by school policies and paperwork just to do the work you are passionate about?
  • Feeling confident and rooted in your values and purpose to serve families and children on your terms at your own practice?
  • Having an empowered path to success with consistency and accountability so that you can confidently build, run, and manage your services with ease?

Download The Free LEP Career Planner And Discover How You Can Build A Career With Your Unique Passion And Purpose At The Forefront 


Whether you’re envisioning having your own part or full-time practice, or you’re looking to take your private practice to the next level and collaborate with like-minded professionals…the LEP Dream Career Planner will help get you started!

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I've been where you are now...

As a Licensed Educational Psychologist myself, I remember the struggle of feeling stuck, frustrated, and unsure of what path I should take. 


When I was working inside the school system, I felt confined and disheartened. I knew I was making a difference everyday but I also felt restricted and like I had so much more to give. I desperately wanted to make an impact with my students but was being held back and knew I needed to break free. 


I built a practice that aligns with my passion and purpose in life, and I am here to help you do the same. 

Grab your planner and let's connect!